The Viper™ – Best Plunger Ever?

Could this be one of the best plungers ever? A new standard? Many of Well Master’s customers are thinking so.

Past standards of plunger lift like the Brush Plunger and Pad Plunger have served well for many years. Simple bar stock solid designs have an edge for low cost. But what else out there is inexpensive, has no moving parts, falls like a solid and lifts like a pad? What else can clean up a new drill and go on to be a steady performer at this price level? What else can take care of sand and paraffin, not to mention scale?

The patented groove design behind Well Master’s proven Viper Plunger is the key to a turbulent seal unlike anything on the market. The variable depth over the length of the plunger increases turbulent pressure from bottom to top, resisting liquid drop back unlike any other solid plunger on the market and performing more like a dual pad or a brush plunger in this regard. Nobody else can offer this design or this performance.

The fluted bottom makes this plunger spin to clean the tubing, further increase turbulence and create a vortex action. The rotation helps in deviated wells too, ensuring wear is evened out and that one-sided premature failure doesn’t occur.

In Colorado’s D-J basin, many operators are now using Viper plungers right off the start with new wells, having great success in cleaning wells up quickly and then finding their strengths continue as production progresses.

The Texas panhandle has several operators moving away from brush and pad plungers as their standard issue tools and going to the simple and cost effective Viper instead.

In South Texas, wells with scale problems that were not able to run plungers have been converted and are running reliably.

Best plunger ever? Only you can tell.

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The Viper Plunger is protected under US Patent 6,200,103. Additional US and Foreign Patents Applied For.

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